3 Pop Drop Mystery Box *CANCELLED*

3 Pop Drop Mystery Box *CANCELLED*

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This is the 3 Pop Drop Mystery Box!


There are 35 boxes available this time with (3) Pops in each box.


Price is 80$ per box (plus shipping)

These boxes are guaranteed value of 70$+

Top boxes valued around 150$!!!


 (These boxes are all prepacked, and are completely randomized. You can choose which box number you want to add to your cart.)




Top Prizes are:

1.) Diamond Edition Elvira

2.) Signed Goku & Flying Nimbus

3.) Jared Goff Signed and Inscribed

4.) Black Manta Freddy Funko

5.) Signed Darth Maul

6.) Stone Keeper

7.) White Bigfoot

8.) Ram Man

9.) Red Hair Goku

10.) Ace The Bat Hound

11.) 6" Maleficent

12.) 6" Broly Chase

13.) Hulk Hogan Red Shirt

14.) Bigfoot on Matterhorn X2

and more!!!!


(All of the pops are pictured)


Only (1) boxes per order MAX please! You can order as many mystery boxes as you want, but PLEASE only put 1 on each order tops... Do not order anything else along with your mystery box, only 1 of these mystery boxes maximum should be in your cart at checkout. Any orders containing more than (1) of these mystery boxes will be cancelled and restocked for you to purchase again by itself.


Each box will contain:

(3) Pops

Boxes may include commons, vaulted, exclusives, or grails.

 There are various sized pops in these boxes, but all count as one pop...



1. All Pops! are hand chosen and are 7/10-9.9/10 condition! These are mystery boxes so sticker condition may vary. There is a chance of doubles if ordering more than one box.

2. All boxes will include (3) Pops.

3. This is a mystery box, all boxes are sold AS IS. These are chance boxes, you are not guaranteed to get what you want, only that you will get (3) Pops in each box.

4. No returns, no refunds *exceptions may be made at the discretion of Cloud-E-Daze, LLC.*

5. All boxes will ship within 48 hrs of sellout.